What Codes / Commands Rc Mod?

What Codes / Commands Rc Mod? Attack On Titan Tribute Game Tutorials, Skins, Mods And Other Games By Attack On Titan Tribute Game Mods And Skins
What Codes / Commands Rc Mod?

What Codes / Commands Rc Mod?

/kick ID
/ban ID
/banlist - displays current banned players & their IDs
/unban ID
/room time # - adds x seconds to the clock (negative for subtract)
/room max # - sets the maximum allowed players in room
/revive ID - revive a player by ID
/reviveall - revive all players
/resetkdall - reset all players' KD ratios
/pause - pause the game.
/unpause - unpause the game.

/kick ID - calls for a vote kick if not M (unless M is running this mod)
/pm ID - private message someone by ID
/resetkd - reset all stats
/team 0 - join individuals
/team 1 OR /team cyan - join team cyan
/team 2 OR /team magenta - join team magenta
/rules - list the current gamemodes
/fov # - set your camera's field of view to an integer. Default value is 50.

For Attack On Titan Tribute Game
Recommended Skin
Horse Skin: http://s19.postimg.org/lyiy2jctv/Ue2n_R5d.jpg
Gas Skin : http://s19.postimg.org/65xh5ujeb/x_Ahkc_Vg.png
Weapon Trail Skin : http://s19.postimg.org/olw6ruilv/jw_Phc90.jpg

How To Make / Use Skin Attack On Titan Tribute Game?


1. You must used Rc Mod
2. Play anywhere and Press "P"
3. You See"
  • Human Skin For Human (Male And Female)
  • Titan Skin For Titan (Normal Titan, Eren Titan, Annie Titan, And Colossal Titan)
  • Level Skin For Level Or Arena, (City, Forest And Skybox)
  • Custom Map For Map Edit (You Can Play With Your Map, If Know Make a Map)